How Many Compartments Can You Find in Construction Waste Bins?

How Many Compartments Can You Find in Construction Waste Bins?

While it is always important to find construction waste bins for keeping old construction waste materials off of your property, it is even more important for you to have enough compartments. A waste bin needs several compartments dedicated to specific types of waste.

Construction waste bins with multiple compartments are easier to support than ones with just one large opening. These multi-opening bins feature spaces for dividing up different kinds of waste. Much of this is with recycling intentions in mind, although the ability to remove waste safely is always important to note.

The openings you can find include the following for several types of waste:

  • A paper compartment works for any paper compounds that have to be recycled. These include any measuring items or notes that were used in the construction process.
  • One compartment could be used for metal items. These include nails and other items that were utilized.
  • A wood space could take in excess lumber from the construction process.
  • A plastic space will work for any flexible plastic compounds. Such a spot may work for any kind of plastic regardless of the recycling number listed on the bottom of a container or surface.
  • Glass may be added in one spot. This is with safety considerations in mind as the recycling or waste collection process can be dangerous if broken glass gets in the way.

Look at how well you can find construction waste bins that include these features. Anything with several openings for handling your waste is worth checking out, so you’ll have more control over how your waste is cleared out.